Taryn Stokes

Taryn Stokes

Taryn is a mother of 3 primary school aged children with 20 years experience in the early childhood sector including nannying and working as an Early Childhood Educator (both in Australia and overseas). Taryn is currently working at Tweddle Family & Health Services and the Queen Elizabeth Centre as an Early Parenting Practitioner.
Taryn has a Diploma in Community Services (Childcare) and also a post grad Certificate in Pre & Post Natal Family  Support. Taryn is a skilled practitioner who has a special interest in sleep issues for babies 6 months plus.

“My passion is providing support and education to families with sleep/settling issues and also behaviour related concerns. With my knowledge, personal experience, empathetic ear and drive to achieve positive outcomes for families, I am sure we could work together to create peace in your home. I take pride in my work and I absolutely love what I do”.

Teaching Skill


Having experienced you personally Brooke and having met your sister and aunt at the settling session, I understand how well you work together.

You provide simple, easy to follow advice that is kind to our bubs (I feel so overloaded with information on sleeping, and completely baby-brain tired, so if things are too hard to understand I give up/stop reading). You took the time to get to know Charlotte specifically, so I trust that your advice in return will help her. As you say, every baby is different so a blanket approach isn’t going to work.  I think the trust comes through recommendations as well as when people meet you. I said to my partner yesterday that I would be 100% happy having you over to babysit and to say that about our most prized possession after meeting you only briefly is a big deal.

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