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Family support

  • Julie Leech

  • 0412 175 762
  • julie@karmakids.com.au

Julie Leech is the founder of Karma Kids.  Julie is passionate about working with children and recognises the importance of positive family relationships.

Julie’s experience includes working with children and families in school settings, domestic violence services, community services, in private consultations and in regional and remote communities.  Julie has a background in Social Science (Welfare), has lectured in university and facilitated training programs regarding child brain development and its influence on physical and emotional development and behaviour. Tertiary qualified and a parent herself, Julie has theoretical knowledge and practical experience working with families to address behavioural concerns, provide feedback and strategies to enhance parent/child wellbeing.

She is supported by experienced staff with specific skill sets including sleep and settling and a qualified lactation consultant to support successful breastfeeding.

Teaching Skill

  • DipEd



Having experienced you personally Brooke and having met your sister and aunt at the settling session, I understand how well you work together.

You provide simple, easy to follow advice that is kind to our bubs (I feel so overloaded with information on sleeping, and completely baby-brain tired, so if things are too hard to understand I give up/stop reading). You took the time to get to know Charlotte specifically, so I trust that your advice in return will help her. As you say, every baby is different so a blanket approach isn’t going to work.  I think the trust comes through recommendations as well as when people meet you. I said to my partner yesterday that I would be 100% happy having you over to babysit and to say that about our most prized possession after meeting you only briefly is a big deal.

We met Brooke at a childcare centre where she worked, but really got to know her after she came to our house to help us with sleep issues. Our son Ben was 1 year old and had never slept more than 20 minutes at a time – my husband and I were going insane with sleep deprivation!

Brooke was so sensitive to our situation and gave practical advice on how to improve his sleep patterns. She also followed up with our family in the months following and was always so supportive. We could tell that not only did she love her job, but she genuinely cared about the kids. We would highly recommend Brooke and Karma Kids.

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