Brooke Mandics


Brooke Mandics

Brooke has extensive experience in the child care sector over 23 years working in child related roles and is a qualified mother care nurse & lactation consultant who specialises in multiple births. Brooke has worked as a babies room leader in Child Care Centres, spanning 15 years, and in the last 4-5 years she has supported hundreds of families with the young children.

Her experience has included nannying (including several roles as a “twin specialist” spanning 8 years in the UK working for an internationally known family). Brooke runs community workshops that address issues including sleep settling,  nutrition, toilet training, introducing solids, breast/bottle feeding – even introducing animals and siblings to new additions to the family! She enjoys sharing her extensive knowledge and experience, first hand – giving away ‘tricks of the trade’, providing demonstrations and sharing examples with her varied workshop groups.

Brooke has a warm, open, sensitive, demeanour and a ‘no issue is too hard’ attitude. She has an innate ability to address issues associated with parenting newborns and a willingness to persist and do whatever she can to help families reach their goals.

“I’m Brooke and I’m incredibly excited to be a part of Karma Kids and have the opportunity to help families in any way I can, but I’m also excited to be working alongside my twin sister, Taryn, and my Auntie Julie”.

Teaching Skill


Having experienced you personally Brooke and having met your sister and aunt at the settling session, I understand how well you work together.

You provide simple, easy to follow advice that is kind to our bubs (I feel so overloaded with information on sleeping, and completely baby-brain tired, so if things are too hard to understand I give up/stop reading). You took the time to get to know Charlotte specifically, so I trust that your advice in return will help her. As you say, every baby is different so a blanket approach isn’t going to work.  I think the trust comes through recommendations as well as when people meet you. I said to my partner yesterday that I would be 100% happy having you over to babysit and to say that about our most prized possession after meeting you only briefly is a big deal.

We met Brooke at a childcare centre where she worked, but really got to know her after she came to our house to help us with sleep issues. Our son Ben was 1 year old and had never slept more than 20 minutes at a time – my husband and I were going insane with sleep deprivation!

Brooke was so sensitive to our situation and gave practical advice on how to improve his sleep patterns. She also followed up with our family in the months following and was always so supportive. We could tell that not only did she love her job, but she genuinely cared about the kids. We would highly recommend Brooke and Karma Kids.

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