Our parenting support

Karma Kids is committed to providing professional, affordable and convenient parenting support for families with children aged 0-12. We are particularly interested and experienced in assessing and addressing children’s behaviour and sleep issues. To make our service more accessible, we provide both telephone and in home support.

The family completes an initial preliminary questionnaire over the phone or via email. (If via email, we will be in touch with the family shortly after to make any following appointments)

Then the family chooses the package that best suits them.

  • Duration: 12 hours Following the preliminary questionnaire and telephone conversation with families, we analyse the information gathered. From this we formulate what we believe to be a structured routine, actions and strategies that would best suit the family. Before the over night stay, the family would be emailed this plan. During the over night consult, the following will occur: Upon arrival, a brief discussion about the plan will take place. Any concerns or questions that...

  • Duration: 5 hours With the information provided by families, we prepare notes and develop a draft guide of routine or actions that we feel would best suit the child/family. We then contact the family, arranging a suitable time for the following, ‘all hands on deck’ consultation. During the consult the following will occur: A discussion regarding my findings and any modifications required A copy of a routine that we feel best suits the child is...

  • Duration - 2 Hours With the information provided by families, we make notes and prepare a preliminary plan of a routine or actions to implement that we feel best suit the child/family. We then contact the family, arranging a suitable time for the ‘in home’ consultation (maximum duration 90 minutes). During the phone and home consult, the following will be covered; A review of the preliminary questionnaire notes. Discuss any questions that may have arisen...

  • Duration - 1 hour After reviewing the preliminary notes identifying family concerns and issues via email or taken over the phone, we do an assessment based on the information provided. This will be completed within 1-2 days.  During this time, a convenient time for our telephone consultation to occur is arranged. During the phone consult the following will be covered: Review of the preliminary questionnaire notes and questions that may have arisen during our assessment,...


  • Weekend stays
  • Holiday cover
  • Babysitting
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