Phone & home consultation

Phone & home consultation

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Duration – 2 Hours

With the information provided by families, we make notes and prepare a preliminary plan of a routine or actions to implement that we feel best suit the child/family. We then contact the family, arranging a suitable time for the ‘in home’ consultation (maximum duration 90 minutes).

During the phone and home consult, the following will be covered;

  • A review of the preliminary questionnaire notes. Discuss any questions that may have arisen during my assessment, to further clarify and make adjustments to the formulated plan/s.
  • Investigate the child’s environment, gauging temperatures, noise levels, neighbours, relationships within the family and different areas of the environment.
  • A discussion regarding the plan and my findings
  • An email will be sent to the families that will contain the plan/routine that I think best suits your family based on the information gathered from both the phone and in home consultation
  • Email, text and phone call support given for a further two weeks after initial phone consultation. (Duration of calls per day will be limited to 15 mins.)
  • Follow up phone call to family two weeks after initial consultation

Price: $250

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