Phone consultation

Phone consultation

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Duration – 1 hour

After reviewing the preliminary notes identifying family concerns and issues via email or taken over the phone, we do an assessment based on the information provided. This will be completed within 1-2 days.  During this time, a convenient time for our telephone consultation to occur is arranged.

During the phone consult the following will be covered:

  • Review of the preliminary questionnaire notes and questions that may have arisen during our assessment, to further clarify and make adjustments to the formulated plan/s
  • A discussion regarding the plan
  • An email will be sent to the families that will contain the plan/routine that we think best suits your family based on the information provided.
  • Email, text and phone call support given for a further two weeks after initial phone consultation. (Duration of calls per day will be limited to 20 mins.)
  • Follow up phone call to family from us 2 weeks after initial phone conversation to follow up and review progress.

Price: $150

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