Overnight stay

Overnight stay

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Duration: 12 hours

Following the preliminary questionnaire and telephone conversation with families, we analyse the information gathered. From this we formulate what we believe to be a structured routine, actions and strategies that would best suit the family.

Before the over night stay, the family would be emailed this plan.

During the over night consult, the following will occur:

  • Upon arrival, a brief discussion about the plan will take place. Any concerns or questions that the family has will be answered or explained more clearly
  • A brief explanation of the night will be provided and what’s expected of each party involved.
  • Personal, guided support, demonstration and direction will be available from your consultant for the duration of the night
  • When the child is settled, after we have gone through the process at least once or twice, you will have the option of either getting some much needed sleep for the remainder of the night or continuing to resettle your child if and when he/she needs
  • Upon the completion of the night, within 2-3 days, families will receive a detailed email containing a run down of the night, any modifications to the plan, and the finalised routine
  • Email, text and phone call support given for a further two weeks after initial phone consultation. (Duration of calls per day will be limited to 15 mins.)
  • Follow up phone call to family two weeks after initial consultation

(All families will be offered the option of going out for the evening to get much-needed full nights sleep, while we carry out the evening of settling. We will however, ask that we’re able to arrive 30 minutes prior to your departure to discuss the plan and what will occur during the night. You MUST leave reliable phone numbers where you will be contactable throughout the night if needed)

Price: $500

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