Half night, all hands on deck

Half night, all hands on deck

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Duration: 5 hours

With the information provided by families, we prepare notes and develop a draft guide of routine or actions that we feel would best suit the child/family. We then contact the family, arranging a suitable time for the following, ‘all hands on deck’ consultation.

During the consult the following will occur:

  • A discussion regarding my findings and any modifications required
  • A copy of a routine that we feel best suits the child is presented to the family alongside an explanation of what it entails.
  • Following this, with your consultant’s full participation, the family  will trial the night time routine. This includes, demonstrations, verbal support, instruction and anything else required by the family during this time
  • Following the consult the family will receive a follow up email containing the final routine and notes, including any modifications
  • Email, text and phone call support given for a further two weeks after initial phone consultation. (Duration of calls per day will be limited to 15 mins.)
  • Follow up phone call to family two weeks after initial consultation

Price: $400

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I don’t think anything I write will properly convey how deeply grateful we are for your support and expertise with Louis and his sleep.

June 2017 we were at our wits end and I was on the brink of totally losing it. We had given up all our ‘sleep plans’ with Louis and were just scraping by, we had lost all confidence in what we needed to do. It was so difficult that my Dad had started staying over to share some overnights as we were barely coping. Louis was rarely sleeping longer than 45mins – 1hour and was almost impossible to settle. It makes me feel slightly nauseated even thinking about it all!

Since then, we could count on two hands the number of times we have had to go to him overnight. And that is usually because he is sick. Louis is now a champion sleeper, and you are to thank for that.

You were so gentle and flexible in your approach with us and him, and came at it with a holistic approach that included getting us into the right space to help our little man. We went from crazy sleep deprivation, to smiles and laughs. You recognised that the ‘typical’ sleep training approaches were perhaps not going to be as effective on Louis, and adjusted so that we were all comfortable. The first night after you came to stay and help us he slept 10 hours, and it has been consistently 10-12 per night since.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will never forget your support.

Amanda, Bren, Griff and Louis 🙂

Having experienced you personally Brooke and having met your sister and aunt at the settling session, I understand how well you work together.

You provide simple, easy to follow advice that is kind to our bubs (I feel so overloaded with information on sleeping, and completely baby-brain tired, so if things are too hard to understand I give up/stop reading). You took the time to get to know Charlotte specifically, so I trust that your advice in return will help her. As you say, every baby is different so a blanket approach isn’t going to work.  I think the trust comes through recommendations as well as when people meet you. I said to my partner yesterday that I would be 100% happy having you over to babysit and to say that about our most prized possession after meeting you only briefly is a big deal.

We met Brooke at a childcare centre where she worked, but really got to know her after she came to our house to help us with sleep issues. Our son Ben was 1 year old and had never slept more than 20 minutes at a time – my husband and I were going insane with sleep deprivation!

Brooke was so sensitive to our situation and gave practical advice on how to improve his sleep patterns. She also followed up with our family in the months following and was always so supportive. We could tell that not only did she love her job, but she genuinely cared about the kids. We would highly recommend Brooke and Karma Kids.

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