Half night, all hands on deck

Half night, all hands on deck

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Duration: 5 hours

With the information provided by families, we prepare notes and develop a draft guide of routine or actions that we feel would best suit the child/family. We then contact the family, arranging a suitable time for the following, ‘all hands on deck’ consultation.

During the consult the following will occur:

  • A discussion regarding my findings and any modifications required
  • A copy of a routine that we feel best suits the child is presented to the family alongside an explanation of what it entails.
  • Following this, with your consultant’s full participation, the family  will trial the night time routine. This includes, demonstrations, verbal support, instruction and anything else required by the family during this time
  • Following the consult the family will receive a follow up email containing the final routine and notes, including any modifications
  • Email, text and phone call support given for a further two weeks after initial phone consultation. (Duration of calls per day will be limited to 15 mins.)
  • Follow up phone call to family two weeks after initial consultation

Price: $400

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