Are You Listening?

10 Jun

Are you really listening? In one of our previous blogs we spoke about the power of praise and how effective it can be in encouraging positive behavior. Listening, despite being far more passive, can be equally as effective. If done right. If you’re really listening. We like to share our stories. Our real life experiences. We all do. It’s a

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The Power of Praise

11 Feb

Working closely with families to address behavioural concerns, we decided to share some stories that you might relate to. Often it’s the simplest things that have the greatest outcomes! At Karma Kids we talk about reinforcing positive behaviour and the value of targeted praise. This is not a new or innovative strategy but something that as parents we need to

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Your Positivity Mantra

05 Sep

I came across a beautiful woman the other day.  She had four small children.  One in a sling on her chest, one in a stroller two other young children.  My guess – four under 5.  They were beautiful – the older two smiling, walking calmly next to their Mum  (ps I am sure it’s not always so blissfully idyllic).  I

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