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Are You Listening?

10 Jun

Are you really listening? In one of our previous blogs we spoke about the power of praise and how effective it can be in encouraging positive behavior. Listening, despite being far more passive, can be equally as effective. If done right. If you’re really listening. We like to share our stories. Our real life experiences. We all do. It’s a

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Is it time to reclaim your bed?

06 May

Tips to get your baby from your bed to theirs – easy to follow tips, suggestions and ideas. Make a personalized planThere are different strategies to adjust baby’s sleep habits and it starts at bedtime. How you put baby down each night depends on his personality and what you feel comfortable doing. Some babies do better with a parent sitting

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Trouble Shooting for Cat Nappers

06 Apr

Do you have a baby who doesn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time during the day? These tips from our experienced sleep consultants might help: Feed baby to appetite and look at a pattern of Feed-Play-Sleep or Feed-Play-Feed-Sleep. We find the latter really helps maximise the feed in breast fed babies. A full tummy and a thriving baby

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Boys Can’t Walk

31 Mar

Supporting baby to self settle

19 Mar

Do you find yourself up and down each night, attempting to resettle your child? Do you often ask yourself, “why did I start rocking her in the first place?” or “who’s idea was it to start breast/bottle feeding her to sleep?” Please don’t worry. It’s never too late to change these patterns. If everyone is on board and we make

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The Power of Praise

11 Feb

Working closely with families to address behavioural concerns, we decided to share some stories that you might relate to. Often it’s the simplest things that have the greatest outcomes! At Karma Kids we talk about reinforcing positive behaviour and the value of targeted praise. This is not a new or innovative strategy but something that as parents we need to

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Tantrums and brain development

09 Jan

As children grow and develop so does their sense of identity and self. During the development process they will often test to see actions and reactions, testing power and control over situations and in relationships. This occurs with their siblings, peers and parents. How we respond to those challenges shapes behaviour. The developing brain of a young child is complex

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Three long weeks

05 Sep

I spoke to a neighbour the other day who was out walking with her three week old son.  She looked wretched!  Her eyes were bloodshot, her face pale, boobs swollen and wearing baby vomit stained clothing.  Nothing like the super slim, perfectly coiffed new mums we see spread across Instagram.  She blurted out “he doesn’t sleep, he never sleeps. He

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Your Positivity Mantra

05 Sep

I came across a beautiful woman the other day.  She had four small children.  One in a sling on her chest, one in a stroller two other young children.  My guess – four under 5.  They were beautiful – the older two smiling, walking calmly next to their Mum  (ps I am sure it’s not always so blissfully idyllic).  I

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Parenting and Culture

18 Aug

I am lucky to have met so many amazing people through my work, my travel and my life.  I have been exposed to many different cultures and for me it is always interesting to view culture from a parenting perspective.

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