About us

Karma Kids is a family run business - a dream come true to Julie & her twin nieces Brooke & Taryn “The Sleep Sisters”.

At Karma Kids we are committed to providing individual support to each and every family that we meet. We understand that the relationship between you and your child is unique and that parenting philosophies and children’s temperaments vary. Therefore we do not practice a “one size fits all” approach, but instead pride ourselves on understanding and partnering with families to ensure positive outcomes. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions specific to your family’s needs.

We have more than 50 years combined training, experience and expertise in a range of areas, including sleep & settling, behaviour management, establishing routines, lactation and breastfeeding. As a team we have the capacity to “put our heads together” to collaborate and provide guidance and individually formulated family plans to meet your family’s needs.

We believe in providing a nurturing, loving, predictable response to children’s challenging behaviours whether it relates to behavioural concerns, sleep or food.  We also believe that a calm, consistent, caring family environment positively enhances parent/child relationships and supports your child’s physical and emotional development. At Karma Kids we work side by side with you sharing the successes, tears and laughter.

Below are names, words and statements that we have received in response to our work with families – “sleep guru”, “baby specialist”, “miracle worker”, “sleep person”, “marriage saver”, “baby whisperer”,”life saver”,  “toddler tamer”.  When we hear these words we proudly reflect on our passion, dedication and commitment to helping families in our community with child related issues.

If you find yourself struggling to understand what’s happening for your child or your own feelings and responses, why not consider engaging with Karma Kids? We have a gentle, holistic approach to the needs and rights of others and provide confidential, professional, personalised parenting support.

The Sleep Sisters
Karma Kids