Your Positivity Mantra

05 Sep

I came across a beautiful woman the other day.  She had four small children.  One in a sling on her chest, one in a stroller two other young children.  My guess – four under 5.  They were beautiful – the older two smiling, walking calmly next to their Mum  (ps I am sure it’s not always so blissfully idyllic).  I said to her “wow what beautiful children. I bet you are busy, you’d be so busy”.  Her reply “I am lucky, I am a lucky woman”.

Her calm demeanour and positivity really struck me and made me think about the impact of attitude and self talk.  We didn’t have a lengthy conversation but I walked away thinking wow, so many of us in that situation would be have rolled our eyes and said “yes, yes it’s crazy busy”.  However, her reply reframed my perspective of her situation and I found myself questioning does she genuinely feel that way or is it a mantra that she uses to reinforce positivity and maintain her own morale.  Our internal voice is a powerful beast that can be our best friend or our enemy.  It can criticise and demean us or praise and encourage us.  As we juggle the competing demands of our busy lives we need to remember to be our own best friend – to be supportive and nurturing of ourselves as we would our family and friends.

I read an article recently about the Bare Foot Investor Scott Pape and he was reflecting on a time when his family home was burnt to the ground and he had returned with his wife and young child to visit the charred ruins.  Having lost every material possession except their car and their clothing his wife was understandably distressed and as Scott hugged and consoled her, he said to himself “I’ve got this.  We’ll be ok, I’ve got this”.  He spoke about this being a mantra he uses when needed to confirm, to himself, that he is equipped and capable of getting through whatever is confronting him. I’ve thought of this quote on occasion when I’ve felt overloaded with tasks and competing demands…..“It’s ok, you’ve got this”. It’s powerful for me – it focusses me, assures me and gets me moving forward. What do you think, how does your inner dialogue effect how you respond, your perception of a situation, your sense of self?

What messages do you send yourself?